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Buy Turf supplies the highest quality turf to the whole country from our rich, black, sandy soils in Lancashire. Established in 1987, we originally supplied turf to local customers and landscapers, who were able to come and collect from our yard. With this solid knowledge base we decided to take our business online so that you can benefit from our experience and turf directly. We can now share our beautiful turf with the whole country and help keep Britian green!

Turf that is purchased on our website is cut the afternoon before delivery to ensure it is as fresh as possible. We then send it on pallets through an overnight haulier. A local delivery company then brings the turf to your house the next day. All our turf is supplied with a complimentary pack of pre-turfing fertiliser to make sure your new lawn gets off to the best possible start. Buy Turf aims to provide beautiful turf at prices that cannot be beaten. We can also supply you with topsoil, should you need to give your garden a freshening up before the turf is laid.

Although we’ve grown, we’re still a family run company at heart. We are very proud of turf and maintain good relationships with out suppliers so that you, the customer, benefits. If you would like to know more about our turf, or if you would just like some help working out how much turf you need for your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Take a look at the Contact Us page for more information, or hit the ‘Live Support’ button in the top right corner of every page to get in direct contact with one of our team.