Using Our Fertiliser

We supply a complimentary pack of fertiliser with all our turf orders so that your lawn gets off to the best possible start in life. Applying the fertiliser is relatively straight forward, but it is important that you get this right as too much could be detrimental to your new lawn.

  • The fertiliser will come in packs that will cover 70 sq meters of turf. If you’re covering an area less than this, you will need to work out the correct ratios. If you’re in doubt, always err on the side of caution as it will be easier to add more, than to try and remove it.
  • Scatter the fertiliser evenly over your soil, after you have done all the other necessary preparation. For help with this take a look at our Video Guide section.
  • Lay your new rolls of turf over the the top of the fertiliser.
  • Once you’ve laid all your turf, water it in. The fertiliser is water soluble so will dissolve. The turf’s roots will then be able to take up these extra nutrients.
  • Sit back and enjoy your new lawn!

*As of April 2018 complimentary fertiliser will be no longer included with turf orders, instead a liquid fertiliser is applied before harvesting*

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