Hosepipe Ban

Update - 2nd August 2018

The proposed introduction of the hosepipe ban in the North West of England has been cancelled by United Utilities

Update - 18th July 2018

With the long draught and high temperatures across the UK this summer, United Utilities will introduce a hosepipe in the North West from 5th August next month. Although this means you will no longer be able to wash your car using a hosepipe or fill a swimming pool, you will still be able to water a newly laid lawn.

With a 'Discretionary Universal Exemption' in place allowing for the 'Watering of newly laid turf using a hosepipe for the first 28 days' you can continue with your plans and order a new lawn in the confidence.

Further details on hosepipe ban can be found here.

The full terms and conditions of the ban can be found here, with the turf exemption for new lawns highlighted.

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