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  • How to attract birds to garden thumbHow to Attract Birds to Your Garden10/07/2020Attracting birds to your garden is surprisingly easy, it doesn’t take much to make your garden a great place for birds to forage & batheContinue reading
  • Recycling Pallet ThumbnailRecycling Your Pallet23/06/2016Stuck with what to do with your pallet? Try one of our creative ideas rather than disposing of it.Continue reading
  • What to grow in shade thumbGardening in Shade03/07/2020Here are some of our favourite plants that can thrive in the shade;Continue reading
  • DewCoronavirus Update24/03/2020This blog will be updated regularly with our Covid-19 policy.Continue reading
  • Yellow Turf ThumbnailYellow Turf23/06/2016Lack of sunlight can cause slightly yellowing turf. We provide steps to follow to help slow the process.Continue reading
  • House plants thumbBest Indoor & Apartment Plants22/05/2020Here are some of our favourite indoor plants that you can use to liven up any indoor apartment and watch thrive.Continue reading
  • Thatch thumbnailDealing with Lawn Thatch23/06/2020Thatch is a common issue that effects lawns all over the country – and without looking closely, you may not even spot it at first.Continue reading
  • Lawn edges thumbHow to Edge a LawnStep by step guide on how to achieve tidy lawn edgesContinue reading
  • Planting Vegetables In Flower Beds And BordersPlanting Vegetables in Flower Beds & Borders18/07/2016Growing vegetables in flowers beds and borders is really straight forward, just follow this helpful guide.Continue reading
  • OverseedingOver Seeding Your Lawn12/07/2016Need to repair your lawn? We discuss how to over seed your lawn to improve the overall appearance.Continue reading
  • Hanging BasketsCreating Hanging Baskets14/07/2016We provide tips on how to create beautiful hanging baskets to transform any wall or fence.Continue reading
  • Hosepipe BanHosepipe Ban18/07/2018The high summer temperatures had led to an incoming hosepipe ban in the North West.Continue reading
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