Summer Gardening Tips

Summer is the most wonderful time of year to be in the garden, with the sun shining until late in the evenings, now is the best time to have your garden just right.

Here are some of the jobs you should be doing in your garden to keep your lawn looking pristine throughout the summer months.

Summer Lawn-care:

Your lawn should be looking really lush and healthy in the summer months, although you will find that you have to water the lawn more because it’s getting dry. If your grass is looking a bit brown in places don’t panic as this is common. It will recover quickly with a bit of rain. If you must water, do it either early in the morning or later in the evening. Do not water when the day is at its hottest, as the grass will scorch.

When the weather is damp and hot we recommend that you mow regularly, even when the grass is hardly growing. This will help remove any mushrooms and weeds. Raise the mower blades, as short grass suffers more from lack of water.

We recommend that you don’t feed your lawn or apply weed killer in dry conditions, as this will burn the grass

Water water everywhere:

Yes, watering the garden when it’s the hottest time of year is just common sense, However, watering at the hottest time of day can cause a surprising amount of water to evaporate before it gets a chance to soak into the soil. We recommend watering in the mornings or evenings, before the sun is set.

You may want to set a regular reminder on your phone, we have all been guilty of forgetting to water the plants from time to time but in the summer, forgetfulness can have dire consequences for your lawn and plants.

Pruning & Feeding:

If the summer heat is getting your lawn and plants down, pruning away any perennial weeds that may be infesting your garden will help remove unnecessary competition for water and sunlight. Adding a spot of fertiliser can also give your plants a helping hand.

Always take care when applying fertiliser read the label before using, applying too much can have adverse effects on you lawn and plants.

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