Yellow Turf

When your turf is delivered there is a chance that it will have begun to yellow. This is normal and is caused by a lack of sunlight. We cut all our turf the day before it is due for delivery, but this still means it is rolled up overnight. Yellowing is much more common during spring and summer, but as long as you lay the turf as soon as it is delivered, it will begin to root in and will green up quickly. However, we understand that it is not always possible to lay the turf as soon as it arrives, so there are some simple steps you can follow to help slow the yellowing process.

It is important that you do not just leave any turf rolled up on the pallet. Take the turf off the pallet and unroll them. The grass needs to see sunlight as soon as possible so it does not matter where you put them, just as long as the turf is in the sun. If the weather is dry, it is also important to give them some water. This is not a permanent solution and we would not recommend leaving turf like this for long, although the leaves are getting sunlight, the roots won’t be getting any nutrients. We would still urge you to lay the turf, at the very latest, by the next day.

Once you've laid the turf make sure you give it a good watering. Provided you've followed this advice the turf should green up within days of being laid. The turf will take between ten days and two weeks to root in fully, by which point you should not be having any more problems.

Just remember, the key to rescuing  yellow turf is to lay it as soon as it is delivered.

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