How to Edge a Lawn

Lawn edging is a small detail that can make all the difference to the appearance of your garden. By making your lawn edge more defined, it also makes the garden look much more neat & tidy. This is a simple task that can be done by all gardeners, regardless of experience - but can be quite physically demanding if you have a very large area to edge out. In this blog we will detail exactly step by step how to achieve the perfect lawn edging for your garden.

What you will need:

  • Something to mark the edge: If your garden lawn is a small square this may not be necessary and is more useful with complex shapes.
  • A garden shovel, or even better – a garden edger. This is a tool that looks like a shovel however has a flat top that stops you digging too deep to maintain a consistent edge. This will make the edging process much quicker and easier
  • Lawn edging panels:
  • Wheelbarrow: to move/ dispose of the excess turf

Mark out your garden edge:

Before you begin, plan exactly where in the lawn you wish to edge and mark out a path. You can do this with a quick spray of spray paint or even by laying your garden hose along the ground (which works better for curved edges).

You can get away without marking a path if your garden Is a simple small square however we do recommend marking a path to follow to keep your lawn edges nice and tidy.

Start creating your edge.

With a garden edger or a simple garden shovel, create your edge by cutting into the turf. A garden edger will be much easier as it will achieve a consistent edge however it is not an essential requirement.

Take care when edging and ensure that you do not cut into any cables or pipes that may be laying underground. Cutting into them could be a disaster so always look where you are edging.

Apply lawn edging panels:

Lawn edging is available from all garden centres and varies in colours & materials. Most of them simply fit by clipping them together and applying them to your edge, pushing down to secure them into the ground. Lawn edging panels help maintain the edge for a long time and improve their appearance, making them look more professional and can help maintain the edge for much longer. All that is require to maintain the edge now is to go over it with a strimmer when the grass gets too long.

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