Why Should I Use Turf?

A lush, dense lawn is a very attractive addition to any house. It’s practical, easy to maintain, and a great play area for children and pets alike. However, these are not the only reasons to consider turfing your garden, there may be some benefits you’ve not even considered.

Easy to lay, Quick Results

Firstly, using turf instead of seed for your new garden will give you quick and instant results. Turf is normally ready to use within a few days, whereas seed can take up to 6 weeks before you have the same results, even though both require the same amount of soil preparation. One issue with seeding a lawn is that it is very difficult to achieve a perfectly even spread - which will lead to uneven growth and patch spots where the germinated seed has been spread too thin. Turf can also be laid at any time of the year, except for when there is a hard on the ground. Seed does not have the same flexibility.

Environmentally Friendly

Whichever way you choose to establish your new lawn, it will give you a great deal of enjoyment and improve the environment. Turf absorbs many gases, such as carbon dioxide, and dust particles, helping to clean the air around you, as well as absorbing rainfall which can help reduce the risk of flooding in your area. Artificial turf provides no food or source of nutrition to any life form - and actually damages the quality of the soil beneath it by blocking rain & sunlight.

Noise Reduction

Turf can also absorb noise, which is particularly useful in towns and cities. A well established lawn will reduce soil erosion, as its roots act to anchor soil in place, and filter ground water.

Low Maintenance

As turf requires such minimal maintenance throughout the year, it is well worth the initial effort of laying turf! Yes, you’ll have to maintain it by mowing every so often but the advantages of having turf far outweigh the negatives. During the summer you can get away with mowing every 2-4 weeks which can be quick and easy with modern lawn mowers.

Weed Free

This point has got to be one of the best on the list! A weed free garden is something to dream about, as getting rid of weeds can be a bit of a pain. Our Lawn Turf and Luxury Turf have our ‘weed free guarantee on delivery’, which means that you can purchase with confidence and put your feet up once the turf has been laid.

Select Species of Turf Used

Have you ever looked into which turf seed you’d like to use? If not, there are basically many different types and can be a bit of a pain choosing which is best. By ordering turf from ourselves, you can rest safe in the knowledge that we have selected the best possible mixture of seeds to produce the finest quality turf. Our turf is a mix of both rye and fescue seeds which gives us strength and durability mixed with the visually appealing finer fescue grass.

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