• "I would highly recommend this company. The turf was delivered on time by a helpful driver. The quality is excellent - lovely lush green grass within a few days of laying."

    18th July 2019 - Michelle Rogers , CV11 4SD.
  • "Service was absolutely amazing ! The turf looks amazing and is of high quality ! Thank you so much "

    18th July 2019 - Sarah, Liverpool.
  • "I am more than happy with my purchase, and the company in a whole. The delivery was with me when specified, and the turf it's self is great and taken really well A lot better than expected due to my garden soil not been great. I would highly recommend."

    17th July 2019 - Jason Denton , Spennymoor .
  • "Good service n good quality of the turf made good choice."

    17th July 2019 - Sahiqa, Birmingham .
  • "Ordered the turf Monday morning delivered 1.30 tuesday.The driver was curteous& very helpful. The turf was of good quality& I had it laid by7 oclock.I would not hesitate to use this company again"

    16th July 2019 - Bob Beaumont, Tyne&Wear.
  • "Quick service good quality products and helpful delivery "

    16th July 2019 - Jonathan Light, Truro .
  • "Delivery was on time. Got home from work and started to lay the turf, it went down so easily. I fed the turf after laying it and gave it a good soak. That was a week ago , the lawn now is still green. It has never been aloud to dry out and is looking fabulous. What more could i say.... excellent."

    14th July 2019 - Brian Wolfendale, Haydon bridge.
  • "Delivered on time. Driver was very helpful. Lawn is bedding in nicely and looks great"

    13th July 2019 - Mick, Bracknell.
  • "Good quality at a reasonable price and quick delivery. I ordered both topsoil and turf together and was pleased that the soil was delivered the day before the turf so I had time to prepare the ground properly."

    10th July 2019 - Alan, Warrington.
  • "Turf was great. Nothing wrong with delivery or the turf. BRILLIANT 👍"

    10th July 2019 - Elysse , Langwith Junction .
  • "delivered on time. Great value turf. Will recommend and use again if needed."

    10th July 2019 - Faye scott, Folkestone .
  • "Delivery was on time and driver was helpful and friendly. Grass looked good, almost a week in still looking good."

    10th July 2019 - Ben, Ramsgate .
  • "Some patches were a bit dry, but then again, it was a hot day when it was delivered. I will be ordering more when the rest of the garden is ready."

    10th July 2019 - Tudor Nicusan, shirley.
  • "Even though it was only a small amount it was delivered on time, in good condition and in a pleasant manner. Excellent."

    10th July 2019 - Gareth Holden, Zeals Wiltshire.
  • "Excellent quality. Driver was polite and helpful. No problems. "

    7th July 2019 - Paul, South Shields.
  • "Although it was the hottest day of the year the turf is doing well, "

    3rd July 2019 - Janice Webb, Brackley .
  • "Turf and topsoil excellent quality - far superior from what appears in local DIY stores. lush and thick. Only laid last weekend but starting to look great already for my daughter's 21st birthday bb1 in 3 weeks! Only downside was that the delivery driver had great difficulty unloading the pallet from his lorry as the turf came on two pallets but 80% was on one of them however takes nothing away from quality of products received. Excellent - and will certainly recommend. "

    26th June 2019 - Lesley Fleming, Broxburn.
  • "you never disappoint..thank you "

    25th June 2019 - Caroline, London.
  • "Turf was in great condition when it was delivered and the driver was very helpful. The turf has been down for 2 weeks and is starting to root now. When our garden is ready we will be ordering more soon from these. Very happy "

    23rd June 2019 - Christine James , Nelson .
  • "Great turf, delivery was spot on, we are now ready to do our first cut in which Buy Turf emailed me exactly 2 weeks to the day as a reminder - and have provided some great tips ! Thank you !"

    22nd June 2019 - John, Bedlington Northumberland.
  • "Speedy order and delivery time allowed me to time laying my lawn perfectly in tune with the weather-I've hardly needed to water it myself at all yet! This is a great product, a great service and a competitive price."

    19th June 2019 - Simon Buckley, Kings Langley.
  • "Excellent service turf was brilliant quality ordered on The Thursday and delivered on the Friday lunch time The lorry driver was absolutely brilliant in getting the turf where I wanted it even on his little pallet truck "

    19th June 2019 - David Bonner, Wallingford .
  • "Brilliant service. Brilliant turf. Would highly recommend this company to anyone."

    18th June 2019 - Harry Jessop, Dereham Norfolk .
  • "Wow what a great product. I wish I can upload a pic after the first cut 2 weeks after it had been laid down. Also great customer service and it all arrived the day it was scheduled for. I cant wait to show it to my mates. Just a hint make sure you add fertilizer to teh grass when laying them down. It really speeds up the process. The roots took within a few days,"

    18th June 2019 - Pieter, HAVERHILL.
  • "Good but not great as cut not uniform causing a number of turfs to hole and several to actually split down the middle. As we ordered the "luxury" turf thought the quality would have been better. Delivery however spot on and the delivery guy was excellent."

    18th June 2019 - David Sutherby, Yateley.
  • "The turf came in excellent condition. On time. Great service. Extremely happy 😃😃"

    18th June 2019 - Mark payton, Herefordshire .
  • "Ordered, paid for and delivered in 2 days. Very impressed. Good quality turf."

    17th June 2019 - Chris Smith, Snainton.
  • "Delivered promptly, layed and already looking lush, this is Definately the best turf by far! "

    16th June 2019 - Mark Mapson, Thetford.
  • "Excellent price, speedy delivery. Great follow up with hints and tips. I’ll be back when needed for sure. "

    16th June 2019 - Grant Slater, Huddersfield.
  • "Great product, efficient service ....perfect"

    16th June 2019 - JM, Cumbria.
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